At the end of the year, we would like to tell you about the projects of the TOPCAT year 2023. New boat, community talks, workshops, youth and student support. Everything was there. Let 2023 inspire you for 2024!

TOPCAT Events 2023 EN

Whether Easter training, season opening events with workshops, TOPCAT and ROBINSON or training for regatta preparation. 2023 has many great events to offer. Here you will find an overview and possible ideas for next year:

TOPCAT Workshops

Optimize your sailing knowledge!
The TOPCAT workshops offer you the best possible support so that nothing stands in the way of your sailing experience!
This year we have planned a series of workshops for you. The workshops will help you to review, deepen and gain new sailing knowledge that you can apply on the water.

From 08 to 10 April the legendary Vele di Pasqua will take place in Cesenatico (ITA). This year TOPCAT will be there again with a large number of participants.

In addition TOPCAT offers a preparation training from 06 to 07 April.

Get all information about the regatta and the training here!

TOPCAT Community Talk

Let's talk about sailing again!

We are going into the second round with our TOPCAT Community Talk!
Herewith we cordially invite you to the second edition of the TOPCAT Community Talk!

On Friday, the 02.12.2022 at 19:30 clock!

TOPCAT NextGen Sailing Team

You are an enthusiastic TOPCAT sailor, are between 13 and 23 years old and would like to sail a TOPCAT for one season?
Here is your chance! Become part of the TOPCAT NextGen Sailing Team.
Here you can find out how you can participate!

Fastest in its class

At the biggest and toughest catamaran regatta in the world - the "Ronde om Texel" - our swordless TOPCAT K2X regatta occupies the first two places for all boats with a rating of > 106 and even finishes ahead of the majority of the faster rated Formula catamarans!

All K1 models from now on with rear braced trampoline

All K1 models from now on with rear braced trampoline

From now on we deliver the models K1 Classic, K1 Streamcut and K1 Touring with a two-piece center and back braced trampoline. The K1 Regatta retains its one-piece trampoline, which is also tensioned to the rear. The advantage is the higher and more adjustable trampoline tension in the longitudinal direction of the boat, which results in more stability of the entire boat base.

Edition Black

Edition Black

If you are looking for something special, you can get something very special this winter with the TOPCAT special edition under the motto"Paint it black". We offer three different very individual designs:

Black & White - Imperial Red - Tricolor

Each boat gets an extraordinary hull design, which is partly gelcoated and partly foiled. The sails are custom made to match. And if you want it even more individual, you can order a logo print (zebra, lion or Chinese lion) mainsail as well as gennaker. The edition models can only be ordered for a short time and will be delivered in April 2022.


With our immediately available new boats you can get on the water very quickly and start your personal TOPCAT adventure.

New roller traveler easy to maintain

Rudder system revised

Small change to the rudder system with a big effect.