K3X - Onehand performance

The new TOPCAT K3X is the most innovative model of the new X-series: The new wave piercer hulls in combination with the high and narrow mainsail result in an unrivaled turning ability and agility for a daggerbordless catamaran.
Easy to trim at any time, the K3X maintains the balance between enough sail area for light wind cruising and a powerful but always controllable experience in heavy winds.
Typically TOPCAT fast to set up, the K3X allows for a custom sailing experience in a class of its own. The K3X is fun from the very first minute: no need for time-consuming trim adjustments, it's straight onto the water.

With a sail area of 33m² the TOPCAT K3X Regatta guarantees maximum performance. The modern Decksweeper mainsail is always manageable by the trapeze-operated Cunningham. As the only one-hand catamaran class sailed with Reacher, the TOPCAT K3X demands athleticism and skill of the sailor. The sophisticated design of the wavepiercer hulls motivate to trapeze ride on each course.