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For more than 40 years, numerous water sports centers around the world have relied on TOPCAT to provide the best boats for training and rental in the sailing sector. We offer a specially equipped school version for each model.

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Our unique TOPCAT PLUS for sailing schools:
Topcat special hull protection
Special hull protection:

Keel shoes (replaceable) protect the keel along the entire length. Slipping and even stormy landings with sailing on the beach are therefore no longer a worry factor.

Topcat special reinforcement
Special reinforcement:

Since school boats have to withstand far greater stress than private boats, we reinforce the hulls of sailing school versions with one more layer of GRP during production and strengthen extra all critical areas beam wholes, keel area, bow and stern). Not visible from the outside, this gives every sailing school operator the necessary assurance that their boats are robust enough for daily business. The big advantage: The customer does not see any difference from the outside.

Topcat patented rudder system
Patented rudder system:

When going of- and on the beach, the sailing student has enough to do: furling the sails, furling the jib, correctly judging speed and distances, setting the boat into the wind. There is no need for him to worry about a folding rudder as well. With the patented TOPCAT system, the rudder system is no longer a cause for concern when mooring and unmooring, and it can be steered actively and safely even into the shallowest water.

Topcat patented rudder system
Durability thanks to GRP
Durability thanks to GRP:

Unfortunately, damage often cannot be avoided, especially in sailing schools. Hulls made of GRP can usually be repaired easily. In addition, GRP boats have a much longer service life than cheaper PE plastic boats. With a little care and a polish every now and then, TOPCAT hulls look like new even after many years - and make a high-quality impression on your customers.

TOPCAT Furling Gennaker System
TOPCAT Furling Gennaker System:

The optional TOPCAT furling gennaker system makes gennaker training child's play and is gentle on the material. Equipped with the furling system, the use of gennaker boats in rental is no longer a cause for concern - annoying discussions with customers about burn holes in the gennaker cloth are a thing of the past. The system is very beginner-friendly and safe even for inexperienced sailors. Due to the unique guidance of the gennaker halyard near the mast, the entire system can be installed and stowed away again in just a few minutes. Ideal for optional use.

Common parts principle and compatibility
Common parts principle and compatibility:

The different types K1, K2X, K4X have 80% of the same parts. This means you have the right equipment for every application (training, rental, beginner and advanced training) - without a large spare parts warehouse. TOPCAT has been setting standards in equipment for 40 years. Our standards are your advantage! As the only catamaran manufacturer that has been in family hands for 40 years, flexible and individual solutions for our customers are a matter close to our hearts.

Langjährige Erfahrung und Erreichbarkeit
Many years of experience and accessibility:

We have been producing catamarans used in sailing schools for 40 years. Many boats have been in sailing school use for more than 10 years. No matter where you are, no matter which spare part you need, we as a manufacturer offer you direct support and deliver your spare part within the fastest possible delivery time.

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