Uncomplicated, beginner-friendly, mobile
K4X - Extreme fun!

A TOPCAT K4X means straightforward sailing fun in top quality. Place it on your car’s roof and it is vacation time! Sailing with a lot of bathing or upgraded with more sail area in a sportive style in the trapeze – this small catamaran shows all these facets.

Thanks to its size and its low weight, the TOPCAT K4X is the ideal boat for beginners, which are looking for straightforward but individual sailing fun. The 115-kilo-boat offers hassle-free handling during assembly, launching and righting the boat after capsizing – just by one person.

In 2016, the design of the small 15-foot cat was elaborately reworked. The new TOPCAT K4X is available in a new look since March 2017. Perfectly suitable for the beginning, a catamaran can stay stable and safe on the water in nearly any wind force so very young sailors are already working on their sailing skills.

With the wind force the fun increases:In the full range of equipment with main-, jib- and reacher-sail not only the youngsters max out the handy boat to its limit.

Never too young, never too old!