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K1 - Need for speed

The TOPCAT K1 is the flagship and the largest catamaran of the TOPCAT fleet. The 18 foot catamaran is one of the fastest catamarans without daggerboards. It combines an innovative design and superiority in a sophisticated and simple concept.

The TOPCAT K1 is a recognized World Sailing Class. There are numerous national and international regattas and world championships.

In 2014 the boat was completely redesigned and brought to the market with a new image. New wavepiercer hulls provide more safety and performance. The new cunningham system and the height-adjustable trapez increase the handling comfort - especially in stronger winds.

Thanks to its size and construction, the TOPCAT K1 reacts very reliably even at top speed.

The catamaran is qualified for the use of 2 to 4 people. Sailed by 2 persons in the regatta use, the performance version is fully equipped with gennaker and Pentex sails.

Sailing schools appreciate the space of the catamaran for teaching as well as for renting. Options such as reinforced hulls, keel shoes or reefing sails have been specially developed for teaching. These features preserve materials or can be used for different skill levels or wind conditions.