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Hull Hull
From €4,800.00
Roller furling gennaker system Roller furling gennaker system
From €2,250.00
Mast split Mast split
From €2,200.00
Mainsail foil pentex Mainsail foil pentex
From €2,100.00
Mainsail Streamcut Mainsail Streamcut
From €1,650.00
Mast Mast
From €1,590.00
Mainsail Classic Mainsail Classic
From €1,385.00
Reachersail Reachersail
From €1,200.00
Furling gennaker sail Furling gennaker sail
From €1,200.00
Trampoline K1 one piece Trampoline K1 one piece
Trampoline two pieces Trampoline two pieces
TC400c (blau).jpg Mainsail Chico
Jib foil Pentex Jib foil Pentex
From €695.00
Main beam Main beam
From €627.00
Jib Classic Jib Classic
From €590.00
Jib Streamcut Jib Streamcut
From €463.00
TC900_2.jpg Wiskerpole with fittings
From €423.00
Mainsheetblock Harken Mainsheetblock Harken
From €399.00
TC919.jpg Aluminium snuffer ring
TC515K2(2018).jpg Retrofit kit spreader K2
TC920_Snufferbag.jpg Snuffer bag black mesh
Mast float Mast float
TC901_1.jpg Whiskerpole, tube only
From €246.00
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